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Premium Photo Equipment

Atlanta’s affordable open-air photo booth utilizes Hollywood-style camera and lighting techniques that outshine our competition. We engineered our booths from the ground up with pristine photo quality in mind. Our state-of-the-art image processing software is paired with a high-quality DSLR camera which automatically syncs with a professional strobe light.

The result is a photo that is guaranteed to draw attention and keep the memory from your event intact. And yet another reason to rent
Atlanta’s best photo booth kiosk for the perfect event.

A knowledgeable attendant comes with each photo booth rental. They’ll arrive approx. 60 minutes early to coordinate the space and skillfully assemble the lighting kit. We rely on a professional strobe light from AlienBees, a highly regarded lighting solutions company. Each time our cameras shutter, the strobe will display a quick burst of light. With a maximum of 4,000 lumen output, these automatic flashes tubes will ensure your space is evenly lit and bright enough to draw guests to the photo booth.


Atlanta’s highest-rated photo booth’s mission is to deliver you crisp, high resolution photos with great color reproduction. Prior to your event, your personal attendant will calibrate the camera for maximum impact. Most events pose lighting challenges so we’ll take a series of test shots of your scene until our high standards are met.We pride ourselves on capturing images perfectly from the World of Coca Cola to the College Footback HoF.


When you hire Atlanta’s number one photo booth you’ll get a company that is obsessed with finding new ways to make you and your guests look their best. From printing to sharing and beyond, we look forward to what you’ll do with your cherished photo keepsakes. Call us today and let us capture your photo booth event soon.

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