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Green Screen


Did you know that the technology we now know as green screen started its evolution in 1898? By 1920, Walt Disney was using it to create scenes in which cartoons interacted with human actors. If you look back at these early attempts, they look like amateur hour.

The Green Screen technology in America’s best photo booth uses a state of the art technique to transport your guests to the far reaches of the imagination. A special effect once off limits to all but the biggest Hollywood productions is now available at your next event with our affordable photo booth rental packages. Where will you go with the green screen booth?

If you’re interested in creating a photo background for your guests that is too difficult or impossible with a standard backdrop cloth. Since the green color is removed and replaced with an alternate image, the options are endless. Have you ever wanted to walk on the moon? Try to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Ride a unicorn? Now, you can with the best green screen
photo booth.


1. When you hire our photo booth, you’ll work with our event coordinators ahead of time to select your green screen background images. Select from our library or create your own. You can give guests up to 6 options for their photo booth shot.
2. We’ll arrive an hour early on the day of your event to setup the photo booth. Lighting is key for a crisp green screen photo so we’ll configure the setup to produce the best results.
3. A professional, knowledgeable attendant will be on hand to make the most of your green screen. He or she will interact with guests and instruct them where to stand.
4. Green screen photos that are taken can then be printed or shared to smartphones or social media like Facebook and Instagram.


Birthday parties, holiday gatherings, corporate events and trade shows, product launches, and kids’ parties.


** PRO TIP **
Pair the background image with custom props to add another element to your event’s green screen photos.


With our magical green screen, you can test the limits of your imagination to create fun, out-of-this-world photos for you and your guests. Atlanta’s best photo booth to rent is standing by.

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