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Email & Text Messaging

Photos blanket the web these days. Posting here, sharing there. Most event guests want to hold onto a digital copy of their photos as a way to remember their experience. That’s why when you hire Chicago’s highest rated photo booth kiosk company, your guests will have direct access to their photo booth pictures through our Share to Email or Text Message capability. We’ve made this feature as simple as possible to help guests spread the memories from your Chicago event far and wide.

1. Guests will take photos from your picture booth rental with help from our experienced photo booth operators.
2. Guests will then select the EMAIL or TEXT MESSAGE option on the Share page.
3. Our easy-to-use photo booth interface will then prompt the guest to enter their email address or phone number respectively.
4. With help from our on-board Wifi hotspot, your guests’ images will arrive in their email inbox or be sent as an SMS message within minutes.


You’ll have the ability to send a personalized message with each picture booth photo. Feel free to provide them with a schedule of events at a conference like C2E2, send them a link to a charity page, or simply thank your guests for attending.


You guests now have access to their high quality photo that they can save to their device, share on social media, or enlarge and print.Perfect for epic photogenic venues like Wrigley Field or The Bean.


** PRO TIP **
Our Animated GIF feature is the perfect match for mobile phones. Our operators will make sure to prompt guests to share their multi-frame GIF shots via text message.


Chicago’s best photo booth to rent is the total package with many ways to keep, save, share and cherish your photos. In addition to email and text messaging, you can post directly to social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, as well as print a wide range of sizes. Call us today and we’ll plan the perfect affordable photo booth rental package together.

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