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Corporate Events

Are you planning a trade show, grand opening or corporate party? Then you’ve come to the right place! America’s #1 marketing photo booth knows how to turn fun photos into ROI.

Get 5x return on investment with our corporate photo booth rental.

● It’s a people magnet for your company. Your booth will be swimming with potential customers. Our patented-design means a marketing photo booth that will truly stand out

● Once the photo is taken, your future prospects take home a branded photo booth print, a constant reminder of your product or service.

● Customers and prospects can text or email their photos to themselves.

● Receive email and SMS data on your customers

● Magnify your event’s reach with social media. Customers and prospects can instantly share their branded photo booth images on social media.

● Use the online gallery from the event in your own social media, web, email and print marketing campaigns.

America’s top corporate photo booth rental gives you maximum bang for your buck.


It’s a word-of-mouth marketing gold mine

With our marketing photo kiosk , you’ll turn prospects into brand ambassadors, widening your audience and generating enthusiasm. It’s like handing them a megaphone.

According to Nielsen research, 92 percent of customers trust the recommendations of family and friends over all else. Our branded photo booth rentals will make spreading branding your message fast and easy.

Did you know that the average Facebook user has 338 friends and the average Twitter user 208 followers? That means, when your customers post branded images to their social media accounts, you magnify your impact by hundreds.


Remarkable re-marketing
Send a special offer to your prospects with their photos. Try tell-a-friend deals to increase your reach. According to Go Mobile Book, a digital coupon is 10 times more likely to be redeemed than a paper one and they are much less costly to send.

Plus, they work fast, 90 percent of text messages are read in 3 minutes or less, according to Impige Mobile Strategy.

With America’s most unforgettable marketing photo booth, we put and keep your brand top of mind for your prospects and customers.


Need more reasons to choose our photo booth for your marketing?

• Sleek design takes up very little space at your event

• Attention grabbing, easy-to-use touchscreen

High-resolution DSLR camera for crisp shooting

• Custom wrap your photo booth for an additional branded presence

• Track offer redemption to evaluate event ROI

• A wide array of special effects and banded digital stickers available


Branding booth. Word-of-mouth marketing. Social media. Relationship building. America’s No. 1 photo booth is the total package. Let’s put together the perfect blend of features and branding for your next event.

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