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The purpose of a charity event is to make money for your worthy cause while thanking your most ardent and generous supporters. That’s why when you rent America’s best photo booth you’ll receive many ways to maximize smiles and donations at your next charity event.

Whether you are hosting a star-studded gala or a lower-key food drive, our affordable photo booth rental creates a wonderful centerpiece for your event. The open air photo booth design features a small footprint, easy-to-use touchscreen, high-resolution camera and super-fast printer. You’ll be minting smiles and souvenirs in no time.

Unlock the full potential of your charity event by adding America’s best photo booth rental:


● Create a custom photo booth frame that says, “I’m a fighting for a cause” or a message that lets your donors know they are heroes working for a noble cause. Thank them with a nice souvenir of your event.

● Magnify the power of your photo booth charity event rental with text and email sharing of photos with friends and family who may be inspired to donate.

● Our social media booth allows your cause to magnify the reach by allowing supporters to post directly to social media, so your supporters can share your message (and a link to donate) with their social circle. This kind of marketing is great for branding your charity.

● Keep the good feelings strong with unlimited prints for your guests to display at their desk or on their refrigerator, so your charity stays top of mind.

● America’s best photo booth has a 10-second video testimonial feature to collect stories about the impact and purpose of your charity to share on your web site or social media, in order to generate more contributions and win new supporters for your charitable

● Photo booth props for your charity event are a great way to create fun and meaningful photos. Try quote bubbles with charity-specific messages, like “I survived cancer” and “I feed hungry children.” Or use a chalkboard so donors can hold up the amount they contributed or other special message.

● When you hire the best event photo booth it’ll come with a friendly, professional attendant who will make your vision for the event a reality (and make sure people say “cheese” for your charity).


Talk to our rental coordinator to customize the event for your charity. Our event experts are ready to assist you.

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