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Animated GIF’s

Animated GIFs are an old technology that have been re-popularized by social media platforms like Tumblr and Twitter. These crowd pleasers consist of three images taken consecutively and then tied together to create a 3-framed animation that loops and loops.

We recommend the Animated GIF booth feature for events that inspire fun and spontaneity. To get the most out of your fun photo booth rental, we’ll send an energetic personal attendant who will get the party rolling. Guests will be encouraged to make a plan for each shot, creating a three-panel drama. Shoot → move around → shoot → move around → shoot! We’ll also provide props to add extra substance to your animated poses.

After your session, you’ll want to share your GIF with the world! America’s best photo booth company makes it easy to share your animation by email or text. Your awed party guests can also share their shot on social media, to impress their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Guests love prints and we make sure this is possible even when you opt for our Animated GIF feature. Instead of one image that prints on a 4×6” we’ll feature all 3 of your captured frames. And don’t worry, you’ll still receive unlimited printing with your animated GIF booth!

No matter how you pose, your guests will love the fast and fun nature of Animated GIF’s. When you hire our affordable photo booth you also get all the features guests love like stickers, custom frames, props and more. The easy-to-use, Animated GIF photo booth really has it all.


Whatever event you’re planning our photo booth rentals can be customized to fit your needs and give your guests a keepsake they will always cherish, whether it’s a GIF or a timeless print.

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