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Trade Shows

Looking to add an attention-grabbing marketing solution to your trade show setup? ​ Philadelphia’s highest rated corporate photo booth rental company corporate photo booth rental will help your presence stand out and capture leads.

Which do you think will be most remembered? The plastic keychain from Generic, Co., or the printed photo from your branded marketing booth ? Odds are, our photo booth prints will be on your customer’s desk or refrigerator for a long time, keeping your company top of mind while creating affinity and word-of-mouth marketing opportunities.

When you ​ rent Philadelphia’s best marketing photo booth​ , you’ll receive all the features that make for a big ROI on your trade show investment:

Eye-catching Design: Our ​ trade show photo booths​ feature a 32” interactive touch screen that draws people into your booth

Custom Branded: Wrap the photo booth in your company logo, create a custom graphic frame for your images or use a branded step and repeat banner for your backdrop

Data Capture: Guests can email or text themselves photos which means invaluable data on customers in the form of email addresses or phone numbers

Send Offers: Create a special message or offer with each photo that will be sent directly to recipients

Unlimited Printing: High-resolution photo booth images will print in seconds on the high-speed, high-quality printer

Social Sharing: Images can be posted to Facebook and Twitter right from the photo booth with your branded message or offer, widening your reach


The marketing photo booth’s​ small footprint and open design makes it easy to integrate into your booth layout. Plus, a professional attendant engages potential customers and facilitates the photo taking. Whether you’re at the ​ PACK EXPO or the International Great Beer show, ​ they’ll make sure it all runs smoothly..

Use the ​ trade show photo booth​ to build your mailing list by incentivizing potential customers to enter using the ​ marketing booth​ for a prize drawing. This will increase trade show foot traffic and grow your email list by hundreds each day. Or, offer a premium giveaway, like a free product trial, for people who share their ​ branded photo booth pictures​ on social media.

Philadelphia’s marketing photo booth hire will deepen affinity for your company. We’ll make it easy to create an engaging presence that will pay dividends into the future. Don’t just add to the noise, build relationships that last. That’s serious ROI on your event.


Our ​ branded photo booth rentals​ are ready to make your trade show a grin-grin situation in ​ Philly. ​ Let’s build your custom package today.

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