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From festivals to weekly farmer’s markets, there are plenty of opportunities for grassroots marketing in your community. Interacting with your customers on the local level can provide immense benefits including increased name recognition and the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Fortunately, photo booths can help you achieve both of these by leaving a lasting impact for your brand.

If your business incorporates festivals into your marketing mix, then Washington DC’s top rated photo booth rental company can help magnify your impact exponentially in two ways:


1.A marketing booth draws attention at festivals like the H Street Festival. It’s like a customer magnet. Everyone loves to take a photo. With our company photo booth rentals, visitors to your booth will walk away with a branded photo to remind them how much they love your business. We’ll add a custom frame to the photos with your logo, phone number or website.

2.The second way a corporate photo booth enhances your business is through its impact with beyond the festival. Our branded booth is connected to WiFi, so visitors can instantly text or email the photo to themselves. They can even post it to Facebook and Twitter right then and there. Add a hashtag and offer discounts to your customers for using the hashtag for maximum social media impact. Track redemption to evaluate your event’s ROI.


In DC we love our outdoor events. From Broccoli City Fest to weekly farmer’s markets, there are a lot of opportunities to interact with other Washingtonians. Our corporate photo booth rentals feature a unique design that’s ideal for branding. Wrap your booth in your logo or other attention grabbing graphics. The marketing photo booth looks like a giant smartphone so it’s guaranteed to stand out

When you hire DC’s best marketing photo booth for your event, it’ll come with its own professional, friendly attendant who will make sure the photo booth runs smoothly in your brand uniform.

Whatever your business, the photo booth is customizable, so you can create a unique photo experience for visitors to your booth. A photo booth will make your festival more festive and grow your business at the same time. If you are looking for an edge on the competition, this is it.


Our branding kiosk will change the game for your company. Call us today and let us design a custom package for your business or event.

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